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Partnering with H2 Capital Holdings unlocks a tremendous amount of intellectual capital, financial and market resources that will help create a sound market strategy and a success-filled solution for your ideas. With global resources within reach, H2 Capital Holdings' current portfolio includes unique businesses in the following market sectors. Click each panel to learn more:

Emerging Media

Traditional technologies and solutions are key to future sustainability; Our portfolio includes startups, businesses & individuals' ideas that are pre-ipo & aim to create market disruptions in media creation, distribution & end user experiences.

Rental and Real Estate

We invest in mildly distressed real estate properties in mature markets and rental properties as well as land plots in emerging markets.

Commercial and Residential Contracting

We invest in early stage hvac, firefighting, plumbing, electrical contracting & maintenance companies that target underserved locations or emerging markets. We will also promote the trigger needed for IPO or target acquisition organizations.

Food Services

Not fast food, good food fast & uniquely presented. Middle eastern, greek, italian, philipino & others. Designed for the progressive and increasingly on the move individuals.

Team Sports Complex

Sports that cater to the individuals' fun and exciting side, sports with a twist, easy to schedule, easy to get to, something to talk about.

Event Organization

Events with spirit, planning, planning, planning, birthdays, fun family events A to Z.

Manufacturing Industries

Secondary industries to fuel the growth of underserved primary businesses. Manufacturing for individuals & startups that is designed to reduce costs & improve profitability.

Young Potentials Services

A dedication to the young generation, investments in ideas that promote cultural/human growth.


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