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@ H2 Capital Holdings we aim at providing vision and resources to businesses & individuals that strive to make a unique difference in our world. To learn about our unique business and market sectors, visit our Market Sectors page.

company goals

About H2 Capital HoldingsH2 Capital Holdings is designed to provide early stage/accelerator capital that promotes the creation & sustainability of new small businesses. On occasion, we may also provide mid stage growth capital structured to promote the growth of a previously created business.

Although H2's investment portfolio splits into 8 market sectors, we have four programs to get you started:

  • Level 1 investments (L1): specialized capital
  • Level 2 investments (L1): accelerator capital
  • Level 3 investments (L1): growth captial
  • Wholly-owned subsidairies investments (wo): full ownership

a plan for success

About H2 Capital Holdingswe take a measured approach to each of our holdings and start with the end in site.

  • We expect to outperform
  • We maximize profitability of our partners & investments
  • We provide market intelligence, relationships & identify successful investment KPI's
  • We promote unique approaches to everyday business, technology & life problems
  • We provide vision & resources so we can create a unique difference in our world

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